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Areevay monitors key performance Indicators and reports on the key findings as part of a project de-brief

Areevay work with our clients to design a virtual roleplay around your new or existing product, which reinforces learning and maximises sales 

OUR team HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – let us share our wealth of knowledge. 

“It forced the reps to go through the training materials, read them, understand, etc. before they could deliver in front of the camera”

Business Unit President

Major US Pharma

Virtual Role Playing For Medical Sales

Our professional staff includes former senior managers from ICT, telco and life sciences sectors . We have special expertise in cloud based technology with a specific focus on medical companies  - pharmaceutical and medical device companies

We build the project and release it to medical representatives, KAMs and MSLs to complete in their own time (usually at home)


Areevay manage and support the trainees during each project.  When each Rep/KAM/MSL 

completes their roleplay, we notify the project team



“I have now evidence on the level of “acquisition” or mastery on the topics related to the training”

VP Marketing 

Medical Devices Company