Once the initial product training has been given, we set up an Asychronous (One Way) online video product knowledge quiz or test.  This takes the form of a roleplay session designed to replicate the type of open-ended, qualitative questions that medical sales people encounter every day when meeting with doctors and other HCPs.  

Once the programme has been designed and agreed with our client, the list of participants agreed and the questions are approved by the client; our project manager will send the virtual roleplay simultaneously to all relevant medical sales people, irrespective of location worldwide (usually within 24 hours of initial training event). 

The sales team receive an email invitation to the virtual roleplay with the doctor and can access it from their PC, Tablet or Smartphone.  Initially, there is a practice environment within the RolePlayPro solution where medical sales people can get familiar with the system and the type of questions they will encounter in the following virtual sales call.

 When they are ready to go, they are welcomed with a recorded video introduction (in English by default or local language as an option), which can be customised to outline the purpose of the session, what the assessment team will be looking for and advice on how to answer the questions. 

When they are ready to go, they can access the virtual roleplay.  The questions appear on the screen and they are given some time to absorb the questions/refer to their training material.


Types of Questions

The questions appear in 3 different formats;

  • Questions with Video Response
  • Document Analysis with Video Response
  • Written Question no Video

Once the roleplay is complete, the sales rep will view a short Exit video letting them know what the next steps will be and thanking them for their time.  Shortly thereafter, they will also receive an email with a video link to a recording of their roleplay.

Once the roleplay has been completed, we will notify the evaluation team.  Often, this is made up of internal personnel (a typical example is first line sales management and/or marketing personnel).  Individual responses  are rated and comments can be added to help the sales rep better

understand their strengths and areas for development.  Where best practice  is observed, these responses can be easily shared to colleagues on a read-only basis.  Evaluators can access the videos using their laptop, tablet  or smartphone anywhere they have internet access, when they have time.

The power of the RolePlayPro solution is that you can rapidly, and cost  effectively, assess how the value proposition is being articulated to healthcare  professionals.  For Sales, they have a safe environment to refine their messaging  and practice their pitch. It can also give valuable insight to an individuals’ strengths  and areas for improvement.

For Marketing and Learning & Development teams, you can plan training sessions online anywhere in the world safe in the knowledge that the target audience of sales reps or customer facing personnel will be invested in the process. Moreover, you get to quickly assess the effectiveness of your product training using a consistent format and introduce messaging enhancements, where appropriate.

Learning Benefits of RolePlayPro 

Allows direct, dialogic feedback: Asynchronous (one way) roleplays provide evaluators with an excellent opportunity to immediately diagnose and correct any major misconceptions. The online video interface through which this occurs, as well as the high-level, holistic nature of well written oral questions creates an intense experience conducive to breakthroughs in understanding of material. 

Encourages in-depth preparation: The unique anxiety associated with distilling the value proposition into a salient consultation can provide a powerful impetus for preparation, especially because good oral examination questions will centre on synthesis and overall comprehension of material. 
Demands different skills: Medical sales people are tested frequently, yet those tests are often either written exams or standardised tests e.g. multiple choice. Rarely do those sales people more skilled at making an oral argument than a written one get a chance to display their mastery of product content in the format where they display the most acumen.
Valuable practice for interactions with HCPs : Oral exams can help medical sales people to develop the ability to remain collected while cogently answering difficult questions.  Moreover, our RolePlayPro managed solution is a safe environment where mistakes can be made, quickly corrected and guidance given on correct positioning.
Reduced Evaluation Stress : Oral examinations of individuals can require considerable expense, severe schedule juggling and the sacrifice of some additional time by the assessor so that each medical sales person has an available time to take the test. With RolePlayPro, assessors (e.g. sales management or marketing) can access the interviews when they have time anywhere they have internet access.  Importantly, this can be a valuable tool for coaching medical sales reps as key strengths and areas for development can be uncovered.

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Our fully managed, RolePlayPro service, is an online video solution specifically designed to maximise the ability of medical sales reps to sell new products to doctors.  This cloud-based video solution is designed as a launch excellence and learning reinforcement tool for life sciences companies looking to gain maximum traction from their new product launches.  Tell us what you want to achieve and we will take care of everything (designing/executing roleplays as an online fully managed service).

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